Specialty Piling Solutions

Serving California, Nevada and Arizona

Our proprietary specialty piles are utilized when a project is faced with extensive construction constraints:

  • Soil contamination
  • Low overhead conditions
  • Restricted site conditions
  • Hydrostatic problems
  • Sites where noise and vibration are concerns


Tubex pile are concrete filled steel pipe piles with an oversized tip and installed with torque and crowd to avoid noise and vibration problems. They are soil displacement which allows us to achieve high capacity and to solve other job problems. The installation process and oversized tip greatly increases the end bearing capacity of the pile. We currently install these piles in sizes from 12/18 up to 30/36 with the first number being the pipe size and the second the tip size.

TUBEX Grout Injection Pile

These piles have all the same advantages as the Tubex piles but with the addition of a grout tube to make it possible to advance through denser material and provide greater friction capacity because of the soil cement grout pushed up around the outside of the pipe. The soil displacement and grouting increase the effective geotechnical size of the pile to that of the tip size to increase the frictional capacity of the pile. That coupled with the greater end bearing capacity makes this a very good alternative on many sites.

TUBEX Pile Advantages
  • Vibration free – no danger to adjacent buildings or structures
  • High bearing capacity – fewer piles are needed to complete the project
  • Very low noise levels
  • Can penetrate through denser strata
  • No spoils or soil transport – no danger of undermining adjacent foundations or transporting contaminants to the surface


EDTTEX piles have all the same characteristics of the Tubex pile but with a tip that is the same diameter as the pipe. These piles can be the right choice in the smaller sizes for lightly loaded structures and soil mass stiffeners in the larger sizes. We install them in sizes from 8” to 24”.

Benefits of EDTTEX piles
  • Ideal for contaminated sites
  • No spoils to remove
  • Compatible with low-overhead or restrictive conditions
  • Quiet and vibrationless


Fundex Piles are reinforced concrete piles similar to Auger Cast piles but with some differences that make them advantageous over ACP piles. They are installed with the same equipment and are soil displacement but are installed with a steel tip installed with a pipe mandrel. This allows us to place the reinforcing steel and concrete in the dry prior to removing the mandrel. Because the pile shaft is not a pipe the cost of these piles is more economical than pipe or H pile for the same load capacity.