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Foundation specializes in a variety of effective shoring solutions for all site conditions. We install driven sheet piles, soldier pile-lagging shoring systems, soil nails and specialty shoring solutions. Our engineering capabilities allow us to work closely with our client’s team to design and implement temporary and permanent shoring solutions, which provide ground stabilization and reinforcement while helping save time and costs.

Sheet Piles

When extra earth support or a soil and groundwater barrier is needed, Foundation installs driven and vibrated sheets for shoring applications. Sheet piles provide a high quality earth retaining system that is waterproof and capable of sustaining high loads if provided with the required horizontal support system, all of which we design and install with our experienced crews. They can be used either for temporary or permanent earth support.

Beam-and-Lagging Systems

Beam and lagging systems are among the more popular temporary shoring solutions for deep excavations. The soldier beams (steel H-pile & WF beams) are installed by driving or drilling vertically into the ground, and as excavation progresses, timber lagging or steel plates are placed between each beam to create a temporary wall. For larger excavations, tiebacks can be utilized to assist with loading of the wall in order for this system to be used. We can also design beam and lagging/plate shoring walls as a permanent wall structure.

Benefits of Beam-and-Lagging Systems

When determining the efficacy of this system for a particular project, we’ll consider the specifications of the project plans as well as the type and conditions of the site’s soil. Some of the advantages of implementing this system include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Varied material options (timber, steel, precast concrete, shotcrete)

Soil Nails & Ground Anchors

Used for temporary or permanent support of building excavations, soil nails or ground anchors can be installed as an effective shoring solution. A major benefit of these anchoring systems is that there are several types, meaning that the method can be considered for a wider variety of projects and site conditions.

There are three main types of ground anchors used in the U.S. construction industry:

Straight shaft gravity-grouted ground anchors

These are typically used in situations in which the ground is comprised of hard cohesive soil deposits and are installed by drilling or hollow-stem auger methods.

Straight shaft pressure-grouted ground anchors

This type of ground anchor is most suitable for coarse granular soils and weak fissured rock, as well as fine-grained cohesionless soils.

Post-grouted ground anchors

This anchor system uses multiple high-pressure grout injections applied a day or two apart to enlarge the grout body of straight shafted gravity grouted ground anchors.

Soil Nailing

Used to fortify and remediate unstable natural or man-made slopes, soil nailing involves driving tension-resisting steel bars into the exposed face of an excavation. If the soil nails are being inserted into pre-drilled holes, they’ll be grouted into place.

  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • Can be performed in areas with limited access
  • Less noisy than other alternatives
  • Takes less time and uses fewer materials than other methods

These are just a few of the benefits of soil nailing; however, this method is not suitable in high-water table areas unless appropriate drainage measures are implemented.

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