Deep Foundation Design Services

Serving California, Nevada and Arizona

We offer a broad range of design capabilities for deep foundation systems, ground improvement, and support of open excavations.

Design-Build Deep Foundation Construction

Our design team has extensive structural and geotechnical engineering experience that produce unique and comprehensive value engineering solutions. Our designs are tailored to the specific needs of the project as well as the capabilities of our equipment, resulting in the most efficient and cost-effective design-build solutions for all possible ground conditions.

Specific design expertise includes axial and lateral pile analysis, static and dynamic settlement, ground improvement, and structural design of piling, pile cap connections, pile caps, and shoring systems.

Design Assist Program

Our in-house engineers work closely with the project design team, providing our expert  design guidance to help identify and manage the foundation risks associated with the project. Our experienced, professional advice and innovative solutions are proven add value to projects by improving efficacy, saving time and minimizing project costs.

Constructability Experts

An experienced deep foundations team such as ours can be an invaluable asset to project owners and general contractors, especially when we’re engaged at the beginning of the planning process. Our insights can help the design team identify and mitigate key constructability risk factors before construction documents, budgets and schedules are formalized. With our help, the project team will begin the project armed with the information needed to design the best foundation solutions for the unique conditions at each project site.

Our deep foundation team offers our expertise and insight on:
  • Identifying and designing the most constructable and cost-effective deep foundation solutions for the project’s soil conditions, resource allocation and construction logistics
  • Sourcing materials early in the process in order to avoid supply chain delays
  • Logistics planning for materials deliveries; we help to identify the most efficient delivery routes to have as little negative impact as possible on local traffic flow and jobsite safety
  • Soil and pile testing for optimal foundation design and minimization of costly change orders later in the process

Work with Foundation

The expert teams at Foundation compile our insights into an actionable constructability plan, which clearly outlines the details of how we plan to construct and sequence the project. This gives our clients a clear overview of our vision and allows us to ensure that our plans aligns with the needs of the project.

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