Foundation designed and built the deep foundation system for a 410,000-square-foot, six-story building along with a neighboring parking garage for Workday's new headquarters in Pleasanton, California.

Size and Scope

Foundation designed and installed over 2,200 24″ Drilled Displacement Columns, 300+ 18″ Auger Cast Piles, and 30+ 18″ Tubex Piles for three separate structures.  Due to the scheduling demand, Foundation operated 3 drill rigs on site.

Preconstruction and Planning

Foundation’s Engineering Department worked with the General Contractor and Geotechnical Firm to design the deep foundation and ground improvement system.  This collaboration exercise included the diameter, length, and quantities for each pile installed on each of the three sites.

Due to this early collaboration effort, Foundation not only troubleshooted potential challenges but also developed mitigation efforts that would impact schedule and production.

Challenging Soil Conditions:

  • This project involved installing each pile and column through stiff native clays with variable sand and gravel layers.
  • One pile type was not ideal for all structures.  In order to meet the engineering requirements, Foundation worked with the Geotechnical Engineer to choose the best pile type that would be tailored to each structure and access.

Aggressive Schedule:

  • The synergic relationship between Foundation, the General Contractor, and the Geotechnical Engineer was instrumental.  Potential risks were identified and mitigation plans were put in place.
  • Proper laydown areas. Foundation developed key relationships with other trades to ensure that laydown areas were established without the interruption of their craft.

Due to these efforts, Foundation was able to meet the production schedule.