This project was constructed over an old landfill, which can create potentially hazardous soil conditions and cross contamination. This required us to use specialized deep foundation techniques.

The Project:

The project was foundation work for building construction involving a Topgolf commercial recreation and sports complex.  This is a very large 71,024 square foot three level building and driving range. The project is to be completed in 2024 and includes 102 climate-controlled hitting bays along with a restaurant, outdoor dining and indoor event space.


There were many challenges when completing this project, most notably the location.

  • Getting a large number of piles to the site was difficult – 125 16” Octagonal Precast Concrete Piles (PCPS) were used on this project
  • Project was located on a landfill, which can create hazardous conditions and cross contamination of the soil

The Solution:

  • Making adjustments prior to the test piles being loaded up to ensure the piles arrive on site in the indented shape
  • Bringing us in early and jointly creating solutions to potential issues
  • Since the project was on landfill, we used a displacement auger instead of a CFA →proper preparation and partnership with the contractor allowed us to be prepared
  • To install these piles, we had to “pre-drill” while displacing the soil