The Sierra Point project included 3 buildings (A, B, and C) along with a multi-level parking garage, totaling 1,072 H-Piles, ranging from 200' to 240' in length. Due to the efforts by the Foundation team, this project has been recognized by the PDCA as the 2021 Project of the Year.

The Project:

The Sierra Point project included 3 buildings (A, B, and C) along with a multi-level parking garage in Brisbane, CA.  As a result of the existing geotechnical conditions, the H-Piles were required to be an overall length of 200′ to 240′.  Thus, each H-Pile had to be installed in 3 or 4 separate pieces spliced together.  In total, 3,880 pieces of H-pile were driven, amounting to about 2,800 pile splices.

  • 1,072 total H-Piles (Foundation designed, furnished, and installed Cap Connections)
  • Multiple Rig operations to meet schedule
  • Foundation designed hammer shroud to reduce noise

Project Challenges:

First, The project started by experiencing a Force majeure with the arrival the H-Pile.  As a result, there was a 3-week delay from receiving our material which required the team to get creative with sequencing and stacking operations. Specifically, Foundation strategically added two crew members to help prepare more material off the critical path which included working specific operations on Saturday to slowly gain schedule duration.  

Secondly, we were confined within a small footprint of the buildings which presented challenges. This required us to conduct a very specific order and delivery sequence in order to maintain production schedule. 

Lastly, two other buildings were being built on the site.  Therefore, we cooperated with other trades to work around and share access points to the project, ensuring there were no interruption to other trades.

Innovative Construction Technique:

The design, fabrication, and use of the sound shroud was one of the biggest and most unique techniques used on the project.  Foundation’s usage of the sound shroud limited the pile driving noise which exceeded the expectations of the Owner, Client, and the City Enforcement Agency.

Innovative Project Management:

Foundation utilized an “offsite” laydown area where material was stored and prepped prior to installation.  By performing a percentage of the preparatory work offsite and utilizing “just-in-time”  delivery of strategic pile components this resulted in:

  • Over 2 weeks of overall savings 
  • Over 5 months of storage costs saved