Foundation successfully installed over 1,600 Tubex Grout Injected Piles, managing the extreme elevation differences in the bedrock. Each pile length ranged from 120' to 140' deep.

Preconstruction and Planning:

Working alongside with clients design team, Foundation provided design assist services.  Since there were several different loading conditions that required multiple pile sizes, our team was able to illustrate how several distinct loading conditions could be covered with only two pile sizes.  This effort was significant in completely avoiding potential issues that would have been experienced in the field.

Pile Innovations:

The pile type FCI chose mitigated the risks involved with the bedrock; a standard drilled shaft would have a set cage length, which would have forced the team to drill deeper into the bedrock if the bedrock elevation changed – an approach that is both costly and unnecessary.  Foundation’s TGI pile was designed with the a pin pile cage and therefore unaffected by the varying lengths.

Site Restrictions:

Foundation also overcame challenging site conditions, including an extensive network of underground utilities, many of which had not been located by the owner.  When pile driving adjacent to the utilities, the team experienced the challenge of grout into the duct banks.  Foundation worked with the owner to identify issues early and determine solutions.

Additionally, the project team was successful in managing the many restrictions on personnel, material storage, and access while working on the “air side” of the airport alongside the tarmac.  This entailed working without much real estate, an extremely condensed lay-down area, and personnel going in and out requiring security clearances.  These elements, and the four simultaneously operating drill rigs, required the Foundation team to thoroughly plan and coordinate within the confined space.

Aggressive Schedule:

This was a three year project; each phase was more aggressive and schedule-compressed than the next as milestones neared.  Foundation was able to meet and exceed these schedule milestones, completing the project on-time.