Over the course of a year, Foundation’s undertaking of the Pier 400 Corridor Storage Track Expansion project navigated the challenges inherent in expanding critical storage tracks.

The Project:

The project’s scope encompassed the installation of access trestles, large 24″ octagonal concrete piles (115′ in length), and the deployment of 36″ stone columns. The FPI team navigated live traffic and tracks while using our largest cranes to get the piles into place, which were then locked into place for installation using a template fabricated by FPI. The inherent complexities of this endeavor also included the necessary use of jetting, which required the acquisition of specialized equipment and hoses. The Foundation team deftly took on the intricacies of the Pier 400 expansion, implementing innovative solutions to overcome the unique challenges encountered along the way.


  • Large Pile Installation 24” Octagonal Concrete Piles at 115’ long. Installed from Trestle.
  • Jetting used to aid in Pile installation. (Jetting = Use of high pressure water through the pile to clear dense sands/small obstructions)
  • Large Stone Column Diameter

The Solution:

  • Large Pile Installation
    • 2 cranes used to loft 115’ piles between live traffic and tracks.
    • FPI fabricated a template to lock piles into location during installation.
    • FPI used the largest crane in our fleet to install these piles.
  • Jetting
    • Had to rent a jet pump from Louisiana for this project.
    • Additional hoses and specialized equipment utilized.
  • Large Stone Column Diameter
    • Fabricated specialized equipment to install stone columns this large.