The project's rural and environmentally sensitive area created challenges that had to be overcome both from a material supply and equipment positioning standpoint. Working with excellent cooperation and communication with PG&E and the California Energy Commission and other regulatory authorities, we successfully completed this project in 2023.

The Project:

Working directly with PG&E, our role was to construct transmission tower foundations using specialty piles along with Durabase and crane matting at 5 separate tower locations. At each tower location, we installed 10 16/22” Tubex Grout Injected piles up to 42’ long, cap connections and footings. This project took place in a unique and challenging environment that required custom built in-house equipment in order to meet the project requirements.


There were many challenges when completing this project, most notably the location.

  • Extraordinary difficult to get equipment on to job site
  • Challenging & unfamiliar terrain
  • No supply stores nearby
  • Multiple design changes
  • Sequencing changes
  • Elevation changes when driving pile

The Solution:

  • Most of the time, we had to rely on using a helicopter to fly in materials, equipment, the crew, etc
  • Constant communication with PG&E which ensured our success
  • Bringing the right equipment out that will do the job adequately
  • Planning ahead for potential barriers that could impact the production and timeline
  • Custom built in-house equipment